Monday, June 30, 2008
GOLF - The most expensive sport?
Every where golf club is an exclusive sport with holes and par in wide field. Why golf is the most expensive sport as me? Because I never buy stick for it! And I can not play alone! Right?
If you want to know how expensive is it, read it in India :
Landscaped by Internationally acclaimed architect Belt Collins.
India's first night Golf Course, ranked as the best in the Country, and amongst the leading Golf Courses in Asia.
The City Club is spread over four and a half acres of green ambience in DLF City. World-class recreational facilities and amenities for the entire family.
Squash courts, modern gymnasium, swimming pool with an adjoining cafe, tennis courts, basketball hoop, table tennis, yoga and aerobic classes.
Conference rooms, well-appointed spacious rooms, an exclusive 98 cover multi-cuisine restaurant, banquet hall, cyber library, modern bar and billiards & card rooms.
So, are you agree if GOLF is the most expensive sport?
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Wednesday, May 28, 2008
Sport as a job
Now so many athletes make sport as their job, because they traine everyday since morning to afternoon like some one who work in office! They use also their brain, not only power!

So, many people who like sport, make it as a job! Like famous athlete as Federer in tennis and Tiger in golf. They earn money from match, more than workers in office!

Then, if your children like to play sport, let them traine and become professional athlete then earn money from it! Good luck, sport as a job!
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Thursday, May 1, 2008
Beijing Olympic in China
Were you born on August 8, the date the Beijing Olympics begin? Are you full of knowledge about Olympic events? Then you're already playing a role in the Beijing Olympics.

If you think you have an Olympic destiny, don't keep it to yourself; tell your story and inspire others! Allow us to share your Olympic experience with the rest of the world today.
The official website of the Beijing Olympic Games is asking for stories that reflect your support for the Olympics and the contributions you are making towards the preparations for the Games. We welcome stories from all perspectives. You can also send pictures!

Entries will be accepted until August 6. Beginning April 29, on the occasion of the 100-day countdown to the start of the Games, we will select and post one story every day until August 6, for a total of 100 stories for Beijing Olympic in China.

The star of every selected story will receive a special certificate and commemorative Olympic souvenir, and the 100 selected stories will be published as an anthology and become a part of the Olympic Museum collection as a cultural legacy of the Beijing Olympics.

So, become the first as a winner in Beijing Olympics in china, we are waiting for you!
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Monday, March 31, 2008
Student Insurance
Student insurance is need and important for parents and children, because it will help children to continue their study if parents died. For parents also, they do not want their children will not get good education if they died!

So, if you read it, you have to tell to parents to follow and take student insurance, becsause it will cover education for children until university, and if parents will not use it, it will same with save their money in bank!

Student insurance will cover all the world or only in one country, so you have to choose and ask/read properly what it offer to you! Do not wrong to choose bad student insurance!
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Monday, February 18, 2008
Herbal School
Choosing a school is not an easy thing. For me it was all about geography. I just looked up every school available that was on the west coast and that narrowed it down to three. Then I visited each. However for those living in the east or north it isn't that easy. Some of the Acupuncture School, I survey ever day. This will give you some idea as to how students feel about their schools. This is not the end all type of survey, just something to give you ideas or what to look for.

So here are my ideas about choosing. Call the schools, visit the web sites they have linked on their schools page and check over them thoroughly. Ask yourself some questions. Do they offer a masters program? How long have they been educating students and how long have they been accredited? Who are the teachers, how long have they been practicing, and how long have they been teaching? Are they focused on a specific style of acupuncture or oriental medicine? Do they offer an herbal program and is it certified? Do they offer other forms of study (i.e., Japanese Acupuncture, Tui Na, Massage, Western Medicine, etc.)

Do you need a BA or is it an out of high school kind of place? Does it have a campus or is it just a floor in a building? Resources are important, so see if they are associated with another school or college. Do they have a clinic and what kind of clinical opportunities are offered when you are at that part of your education.

On that note, pick the ones you really like. Then VISIT THEM!!! Of course make sure you schedule your interview that day too so you don't have to fly somewhere twice. Sit through a class. Look around you. Is this environment the type closest to your learning style? Is everyone around you twice your age or half? Now if that isn't enough to give you months to think about I don't know what will. Oh yeah...and make sure you like the place it's in. Don't all of a sudden realize you hate being in the city or in the boonies.
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Thursday, January 31, 2008
Healthy with herbal
In this modern era, we have so many medicine with chemical drugs. All with bad effect for our body, so much people now looking for something natural, like herbal for healthy body, like ginger for hot body, herbal tea for reducing cholesterol or weight body!

How we check if herbal is safety for our body? Better we will make that herbal by ourselves, do not buy in store or shop. Yes, we can make healthy by herbal with ourselves!
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Tuesday, January 22, 2008
Student Athlete
When does a Student Athlete get started? As soon as possible if they have ability to do sporting, all parents should increase their ability become popular athlete, not only in small community but all the world.

How does a Student Athlete realistically evaluate their collegiate? They still continue their study and also practising their ability to do sporting, so many school/university make a student athlete to do this together!

What is the role of the Student Athlete and the parents in scholl/university? There are so many rules, but it will help student athele with his parents to make easy, most of them will give scholarship!

How important are academics for a Student Athlete?
At scholl/university what prepare for student athlete, all scout and recruit for more than 25 sports. Eduational Department and Sport across the nation assist scholl and university in educating families like them on how to realistically assess a student athletes' collegiate recruiting potential in addition to how and when to begin the process.

To date, they have hosted presentations at high schools, clinics, tournaments, and national combines including in camps. They have identified the nation's top college prospects in 25 different sports. Unfortunately, many qualified student-athletes have not had the opportunity to attend these presentations and therefore have missed out on the opportunity to be considered for a scouting evaluation. In an effort to make sure qualified student-athletes are not overlooked, we invite you to experience excerpts from our national recruiting workshops. It's time to determine what opportunities are available for their high school athlete at the next level.

So, if you have ability as a student athlete, as soon as posssible, you have to look for the school/university fot it!
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